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Why I Work in Cybersecurity

I’ve been working in the field of cybersecurity for more than 20 years, which is hard to believe because two decades ago, the internet wasn’t something that most people worked with every day.

I got my start when I was in the Air Force working on some weapons testing projects. I didn’t set out to become a cybersecurity expert, but I had to learn computer security and network security as part of my job. So when the internet showed up, and I left the military, it turns out there was plenty of work for me to do. Since then, I’ve worked in a lot of different industries, and I’ve helped many executives manage both their personal cyber risks and their organizational cyber risks.

Not Just for Technical Wizards

One of the things I love about my work is that I get to work with intelligent people who want to learn about cyber risk and how to tame this new risk area. Executives are capable of learning what to do, but sometimes struggle because they perceive it as being a highly technical area. It is, to some degree, but I certainly don’t think they need to become technical wizards to be able to work in that space.

Yes, cybersecurity has technical facets, but it also has

  • Legal facets
  • Management facets
  • Human resources facets

Managing your cyber risk takes a team effort and needs to incorporate management, your legal department, HR and IT for full effectiveness.

We stand at the intersection of technology and business and the legal world. In cybersecurity, we see some amazing things happening right now that can help to explain why the world has changed and how it will continue to evolve with respect to cyber risk. We’ll dive deeper into this topic next week.

Cyber Risk Opportunities provides middle market companies with cost-effective Cyber Risk Managed Programs to prioritize and reduce your top cyber risks, including the specific requirements of GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 27001, DFARS, and more.

Get in touch today to learn more and take advantage of a free 30-minute Q&A session with one of our cyber risk experts. Call 253-332-7867, or email us at info@cyberriskopportunities.com.



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