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We’re a relatively new company. I opened the doors for business in June of 2015. And, after learning a lot about how to serve our first customers, we’re doing great work and growing.

After months of trying to find people who would listen politely (and hopefully ask critical questions) about my new venture, I’m happy to tell you that lots of people I don’t already know have finally started asking!

They want to know:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • How we’re different

Now, if they like the answers we give, then they wanted to know:

  • How much does it cost?
  • What exactly do I get?
  • Can I talk with a current customer?

If our conversation doesn’t get further than the first three questions, I know I have to let go of the idea that they will become our next customer. (Maybe some other time?)

But, we’re meeting new people all the time and they keep asking. Which is great!

So, for everyone who haven’t asked yet, or who may have forgotten my earlier, less confident attempts to answer, let me tell you now.

Who We Are

I formed Cyber Risk Opportunities to help executives become better cyber risk managers. That’s our mission. Everything we do comes back to that.

Cyber risk has become more than an obscure, low-priority technology problem. Yes, our use of technology has gotten us into this awkward place. If we could disconnect from the Internet, it would lower our cyber risk quite a bit. But that’s not really an option anymore, is it?

So, the CEO and their team have to be at least as good at managing their cyber risks as they are at managing their risks in sales, order fulfillment, and accounts receivable. It’s that important.

Why We Exist

We want our customers to thrive online.

And that’s difficult enough to do on a good day. But these days, there are hoards of cyber criminals coming after us and cyber armies shooting through us at their enemies.

The tech firm Code Spaces and law firm Puckett & Faraj were put into bankruptcy due to cyber risks that quickly wiped them out.

Large companies like Uber, Merck, Equifax, and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center have felt the sting. So have small companies like a pediatric dentist in Springfield, Missouri called the Smile Zone who silently lost $205,000 out of their checking account.

Who We Help

To thrive online, we help each executive do their their unique job in managing cyber risks. For example:

  • The CIO needs to prioritize their limited budget to manage unlimited cyber risks
  • The CISO needs to get, and keep, a seat at the executive table to maximize their digital asset protection program
  • The GC needs to defend their organization from lawsuits based on materialized cyber risks
  • The CFO must protect the organization’s finances from being stolen
  • The COO must keep the business producing products and services in the face of cyber failure

Next week, Ill tell you more about how we fulfill our mission and how were different.

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

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