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What is the best advice you can give to entrepreneurs and their employees to ensure cybersecurity?

By September 17, 2019View All Resources

Because new/small companies have limited resources, here’s your 4-point plan:

  1. Accept that you are a target online and people will try to steal your money.
  2. Do not use your admin account for routine, daily work like email and web browsing. Use a non-admin account for that stuff.
  3. Use a high-quality, attack-resistance password manager. Let the password manager create a unique, long, complex password for every website where you have an account. Either LastPass or 1Password are good choices.
  4. Avoid public WiFi. Use your mobile device as a hotspot instead. You’ll get much better security and performance.

OK, if you need more ways to reduce your cyberrisk, let me know!

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