Project Overview

The current server security software patch and malicious code protection processes were leaving our customers’ systems with significant security vulnerabilities for an extended period of time (6 months or more for some software patches).

Business Exposure

After an assessment of their existing processes, our customer realized they had a false sense of security. They had been assuming that they were fully protected when they were not. This could have allowed malicious activity to take place unnoticed, leading to a possible data breach or system failure.

Project Objective

To decrease the time needed to verify and distribute that latest patches and code protection updates. There was also a need to be able to quickly verify what systems had been updated and which need further corrective action.

Business Benefits

In the event of a virus outbreak or targeting by a malicious attacker, our customer will now be less likely to fall prey to attacks based on published security vulnerabilities. The project strengthened their confidence in the overall security of their systems and processes. Together, we reduced the risk of unauthorized disclosure, and reduced the risk of regulatory action.