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Lean Into Your Cyber Risks To Thrive In The New Normal

How do you lean in? By pursuing cyber resilience through measurement, smart prioritization of future spending, and continuous improvement. Let’s quickly step through the plan right now, at a high level…

The rest of my blog post for today appears over at my good friend Mike Hamilton’s Critical Informatics web site.


Mike and I were chief information security officers (CISO) at about the same time a few years ago. He was at the City of Seattle while I was a couple miles away at PEMCO Insurance.

Like me, Mike and his team provide cybersecurity consulting services. But what makes his team different is their network security managed service, called Critical Insight. I’ve learned how they serve their customers with it and I wish I had it when I was CISO. Check it out! (After you read my post for today, of course.)

Anyway, here’s the link to my weekly post. You’ll find plenty of insights and actionable tips on how to thrive in The New Normal.

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