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I’m not sure about Dashlane, but I can help you figure it out.

Password managers are under constant attack. You want a team of skilled and motivated people quickly responding to any signs of compromise standing behind the product you rely on. That requires funding. Be willing to pay something to keep all your passwords safe. Be careful about using free software and services to perform critical cybersecurity functions.

password manager

The two password managers that appear to do a great job are either LastPass or 1Password.

Password Manager for Families, Businesses, Teams | 1Password

#1 Password Manager, Vault, & Digital Wallet App

They have both been publicly tested for attack-resistance and passed. Several times.

Nervous about using a password manager? All things considered, it’s the best choice of all the bad choices we have right now. All the other options I know of have bigger risks or unacceptable convenience trade offs.

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