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How can I write an email regarding IT Security that will be read, and not ignored by the end user?

If you really want to change the way people behave, the core issue isn’t how to write this email. To be successful, you’ll need to create a long-term, multi-channel approach inside your company’s existing communications program.


Because what you are actually doing is called “internal marketing.” And, as any communications pro will tell you, it’s not all that different than trying to sell a new product on the open market. You must be very influential to get people to believe what you’re selling is good for them.

You’ll need to sharpen your message and deliver it in many different ways over the next twelve months. Then, come up with a new approach and do it again for another year. Wash, rinse, repeat.

My guess is that you are put off by this advice like I was a few years ago when I originally heard this. Your best bet is to find a smart person in your marketing department who will partner with you. Insert your messages inside existing newsletters, video series, department meetings, monthly CEO messages, etc. Because supervisors are very influential, be sure to pre-target them as a separate audience.

If this all sounds too hard and not your thing, give it a try anyway. It’s good to put yourself outside your comfort zone every now and then. Who knows? You may grow to like it!

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