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Cyber Risk Advisors

Cyber Risk Managed Programs that help businesses thrive online.

Helping executives thrive as cyber-risk managers.

Our cybersecurity management programs are simple, efficient, effective, and designed to continually reduce your cybersecurity risks. Unlike many consultants and hardware/software companies that want to sell you on a product and walk away, Cyber Risk Opportunities will act as your independent advisors, helping you continuously improve your cybersecurity management processes.

We help our customers implement comprehensive cybersecurity programs that give executives actionable information on the state of their cyber hygiene. Our programs help executives manage cybersecurity in the same intelligent and thoughtful way they manage every other area of their businesses.

We learn your business while we teach you ours. We want our customers to know what we know.

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A Holistic Approach

Our managed programs are designed to be simple and effective while providing access to powerful processes and tools that help continuously improve your ability to manage cyber risk.

CRO Risk Score™

Your cybersecurity risk score is an important metric that measures your security risk by identifying gaps, and it forms the basis for creating your CRO Mitigation Plan™

CRO Mitigation Plan™

Using your CRO Risk Score™, we develop your custom CRO Mitigation Plan™, which is a data-driven plan including recommended steps and projects for mitigating your risk.

Business Value Analysis

Before implementing your CRO Mitigation Plan™, we carefully analyze the value delivered by each step or project relative to costs, making sure you earn a return on your cybersecurity investments.

CRO Cybersecurity Sprints™

We organize the execution of your CRO Mitigation Plan™ into a series of Sprints, to minimize the time-consuming process of project management.

CRO Cybersecurity Scorecard™

Your risk management program and all related data is compiled into a single scorecard so executives can assess the status of their program at a single glance.

Cyber Risk Statistics:

trillion dollars expected to be lost to cyber crime in 2021 (up 5x from 2016)
percentage of all cyber attacks targeted at small and mid-sized businesses
percentage of small and mid-sized businesses with no access to cybersecurity professional
percent of small businesses fail within six months of a cyber attack

Cybersecurity is not something you buy, it’s something you do.

Jake Bernstein, Attorney, Newman Du Wors Durrance

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