I’m a business owner. So I understand the need to fill orders, stay flexible, spend wisely, and manage my risks.

I’m also a 20+ year cybersecurity expert. So I also know that using the Internet has become a serious business risk, on par with risks to sales, inventory control, and accounts receivable.

In other words, cyber has evolved into a risk that can seriously hurt or destroy our businesses. In fact, a single cyber-attack can take control of your company away from you in the blink of an eye. The police are powerless to stop it. And right now, it’s happening all the time to companies of all sizes, everywhere.

What you need is an affordable way to know you’ve got your biggest cyber risks under control. And, these days, there are more useful, low-tech ways to manage cyber than you realize. It’s no longer just an obscure technical issue.

The Cyber Crime Action Plan

Working together, we’ll create a prioritized, “minimum viable” Cyber Risk Action Plan that you can carry out at an affordable, reasonable pace.

  • The highest value actions, with the least cost and least impact to productivity, will be at the top
  • Each action will “move the needle” with the least amount of effort possible
  • The entire list will be easy to understand and biased towards action
  • You, or your team, will be able to carry out most, or all the actions yourselves

Here’s how we make your Cyber Risk Action Plan:

  • First, someone on your team completes our easy <Cyber Risk Self-Assessment>. This will take no more than one hour for someone who knows your business.
  • Next, our cyber risk expert will have a conversation with you about:
    • Your <Cyber Risk Self-Assessment>
    • Your data network diagram (we’ll make one together, if necessary)
    • Your most pressing customer cybersecurity requirements
    • Our cyber risk management templates, including:
      • _Cyber Risk Operations Manual_
      • _New Employee Orientation on Cybersecurity_
      • _Employee Cyber Hygiene Agreement_
      • _Incident Response Plan_
  • Finally, we’ll create, deliver, and explain your Cyber Risk Action Plan

Your One-Time Cost: $1,950

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results or you don’t have to pay.

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* Although we work with highly-regulated organizations (e.g., financial services) and those with annual revenues above $20 million, this offer is not valid for them. Please contact us for details.