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Let’s continue with the discussion we started in last week’s blog about creating a score key for your experts.

Once your score key is ready, prepare one questionnaire for each expert. Start by turning each control into a question. Start the question with “How well…?”

Let me show you how this works. Here’s an original control from the NIST cybersecurity framework:

“The development and testing environments are separate from the production environment”

Now, here’s the control written as a question that begins with. How well…?

“How well are the development and testing environments separated from the production environment?”

Here’s what a questionnaire for an expert would look like:

In this example, I’ve list one control from each of the five main functions of the NST cybersecurity framework. Noticed I’ve color-coded the functions without using red, yellow, or green since those colors have implied meaning and would likely cause confusion unless they were associated with a score.

Next week, I’ll describe how to get ready to collect scores from your experts.

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