Daryl Harper

General Manager and Vice-President of Sales

About Daryl Harper

Daryl Harper is the General Manager and Vice-President of Sales for Cyber Risk Opportunities (CRO). He and Kip Boyle (CEO and Founder) intend to grow CRO into a significant contributor of standardized Cyber Risk Management software and services to make mid-market business leaders proficient managers of their cyber risk.

Daryl runs Sales and Operations for CRO while Kip runs Delivery and Marketing. Before joining CRO, Daryl was a Senior Client Executive for VMware for 11 years and was responsible for some of the largest deals in VMware history including customers such as Starbucks Coffee, T-Mobile, Capital Group and Expedia. Daryl has also held field sales roles for Micromuse (now IBM), System Management Arts (now EMC), Attachmate and DCA. Daryl is a father of 4, a pastor in his church and contributes in various roles to the local Special Needs Community.