Cyber-attackers always find new ways to cause you pain.

They are seriously hurting businesses, even bankrupting them. We help IT executives create and implement a cyber risk business strategy. So you’ll be resilient no matter what the attackers do.

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We provide cyber risk and mitigation
plans for business of all types.

Cyber Risk
Business Strategy

This 60-day program thoroughly assesses your company’s current cyber risks to identify opportunities for improvement and help you determine and prioritize the top cyber risks using business strategies and language that are easy to understand.

Cyber Risk
Business Strategy PLUS

In addition to the first two phases mentioned on the left, this program consists of the critical third phase, which is ongoing support for your organization. Cyber Risk Business Strategy Plus is conducted over 12 months and is renewed annually. We become an extension of your team as we help you perform ongoing maintenance and updates to cyber risk business strategy.

Phase 1

Measure & Score
Cyber Risk

Phase 2

Creates Cyber Risk Mitigation Plan with Business Value Analysis

Phase 3

Perform Ongoing Maintenance & Updates
• Monthly Check-In
• Quarterly Executive Sponsor Update

Have you asked yourself these 5 questions?

  1. What are my top five cyber risks?
  2. Am I getting the most business value for my cyber risk management dollars?
  3. Do my executives understand our cybersecurity plans?
  4. Does everyone at work know how to mitigate our top cyber risks?
  5. What do I tell our clients when they ask, “What are you doing about cybersecurity?”

Having trouble answering? We can help.

Just because you don’t know the answers or your answers are not up to par, that doesn’t mean all is lost. A good Cyber Risk Managed Program can help identify internal problems and improve processes moving forward.

Cyber Risk Opportunities has a keen sense of balance between information security and business strategy and has given us tools for short and long-term success in our organization.

Glenn Joiner, Information Security Officer, Milliman

Cybersecurity is not my area of expertise. Fortunately for the organization and me, Cyber Risk Opportunities was able to walk us through a systematic process to be both effective and efficient to ensure we adequately assess risks and protect our customer information. Through their work and guidance, we have implemented policy and procedures that enhance cybersecurity for the people we serve. They took the time to understand our organizational needs, our (my) limited IT experience to create a cyber risk plan and system that works.

Joel Gendelman, CEO, n2uitive




This 45min webinar will take you through the 10 biggest mistakes executives make regarding cyber risk management. But we won’t leave you hanging! For each mistake, we will offer actionable steps you can take and implement immediately in your organization.

You’ll also receive a PDF workbook to follow along during the webinar.

Plus a couple extra resources – to be announced …


Cyber is a dynamic risk that requires an approach that adapts over time
Establishing and communicating clear priorities are essential for success
There’s a middle ground between overly simplistic approaches and highly quantitative tech-focused approach to managing cyber risk.

10 Biggest Mistakes