Kip Boyle

Founder and CEO

About Kip Boyle

Kip is a 20-year information security expert and is the founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities.   He is a former Chief Information Security Officer for both technology and financial services companies and was a cyber-security consultant at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).  Kip led the global IT risk management program for a $9 billion logistics company and was the Wide Area Network Security Director for the F-22 Raptor program.  He has participated in several cybersecurity war game exercises and has worked closely with various government agencies including the FBI.

Kip is a US Air Force officer and serves on the board of directors of the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN).   He’s been quoted in ForbesEntrepreneur magazine, and Chief Executive magazine.

Kip has taught information security to hundreds of students all over the world, both in person and through his video-based course Implementing an Information Security Program published on the LinkedIn Learning and online platforms. He is a popular guest speaker at conferences and has recently begun sharing his passion for teaching cybersecurity through his new podcast, called Cyber Risk Management Podcast.

Kip is the co-author of Chapter 68, Outsourcing Security Functions, in The Computer Security Handbook.  He earned his BS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Tampa and MS in Management from Troy State University and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Seattle University.